Hi! I'm Sam Halfon, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I began working with ceramics at the age of 6, where I took classes and workshops to stimulate my young, creative inclinations. I reintroduced ceramics into my life almost 12 years later, traveling from classes to fully independent studio work. 
My work is deeply personal to me; each piece is something I've thoroughly visualized -- and brought from an image in my head to something you can hold in your hands.  Each of my pieces are entirely and exclusively made by me. I hand-wedge my clay, throw, trim, glaze, sign, and finish each and every object. I commonly have the year imprinted on my work to hold that individual piece in an area of time, while myself and my artwork evolves to show the transition of my work. 
I am passionate about ceramics because I can turn my ideas into a reality— and the fact that they are hand-made, rather, sam-made, makes it that much better.